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SAS Undergraduate Admission Requirements

Note: If you are a member of the military armed forces, please visit our military website for admissions requirements.

General Degree Requirements:
Students must present an official transcript for all previous college work. An official high school transcript is needed if no previous coursework has been attempted. Students should also have been out of high school for at least five years.

A 2.5 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) in previous college work is required for admission to the University. Based on academic criteria, a student may be asked to take an academic placement test for advisement purposes.

A student must have completed three years of full-time employment. An adult who has worked full-time inside the home will also fulfill this requirement.

Non-academic, developmental, trade, and vocational courses will not transfer. For more information on transferring credits click here.

Applicants should have completed 3-years of full-time employment. (For the purpose of this program, an adult who has worked full-time inside the home for a minimum of 3-years will fulfill the employment requirement. A licensed RN entering the Alternate Pathway is exempt from this requirement. View additional requirements for the Alternate Pathway)

The residency requirement at the undergraduate level is 45 credit hours. 36 hours of the 45-hour residency requirement must be completed within the last 45 credit hours taken for degree completion. The 45-hour residency requirement can be fulfilled with courses taken in any instruction format offered at UIW. 12 of the total 45-hour residency requirement must be upper division courses in the major field of study.

For additional information regarding undergraduate admissions, email us your questions or call 210-757-0202 or toll free at 1-877-870-1875.

Note to current UIW main campus students:

The School of Applied Sciences is designed for the adult learner who has been out of high school for five years and has worked in a full-time job for three years. Courses are taught by scholar practitioners who expect students to share their work experience in classes.
UIW main-campus students who are within 15 credits of graduation and cannot get the classes they need on-campus may ask their advisor to take a class offered by SAS. The student’s main campus dean must also approve. The dean of the School of Applied Sciences has final approval. Students who are allowed to take courses are advised of the expectations for the classes.

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