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Pathways after a degree in education:

Pathways After a Bachelor's Degree  - Education image

Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

Early Childhood-Sixth Grade Teacher Certification

Teacher Education is a valued program of study at the University of the Incarnate Word because it directly addresses the Mission of which the university is committed. The emphasis of this program incorporates a broad liberal arts education as a foundation for the more in-depth focus on academic teaching specializations and the body of knowledge associated with the teaching/learning process. The program prepares individuals for a profession in which they can affect society and mankind in significant, positive ways through a combination of coursework and field experiences. Pre-service teachers can match theory and practice, observe effective teaching practices, encounter diversity, and explore and develop their teaching in close interaction with university faculty.

For more information regarding the program, please contact Laura Resendez, SPS Education Coordinator and Advisor at or 210-805-3019.

The Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies includes a minor in Reading and an optional minor in Special Education.

A student following this course of study will take:

  1. Education Core Curriculum: The Core Curriculum is an integrated and sequenced course of study, which constitutes 43 semester hours of a student's degree plan. Many of these courses may be transferred from a community college and are also offered through the School of Professional Studies (SPS).
  2. Interdisciplinary Studies: These courses provide the general foundation of all elementary teaching.
  3. Teaching Specialization: The UIW Certification Program prepares SPS students as candidates for EC-6 (early childhood through sixth grade) certification.
  4. Professional Development in Education: These courses deal more specifically with the methods of classroom instruction and include student teaching. Because of the requirement for in-school participation and mentoring by Texas certified teachers, students will be required to commit to fieldwork days observing classroom instruction during the sequence of courses. Student teaching (Teaching Apprenticeship) requires full time attendance at the assigned school campus for one semester.

All students who plan to follow the program leading to initial certification must formally apply and be admitted to the Teacher Certification Program (TCP) with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75. Generally students may apply to TCP when they have earned a minimum of 60 hours toward the IDS Degree Plan. Upon acceptance, students are eligible to enroll in professional development courses. The student is responsible for maintaining a 2.75 GPA or greater until program completion. Students must also apply and be admitted to the Teaching Apprenticeship (supervised student teaching), which they will complete in their last semester.

At the end of the completed program, and upon successful completion of applicable TExES (Texas Examinations of Educator Standards™) examinations, the student will apply to the Texas Education Agency for certification. The University of the Incarnate Word offers programs approved by the State Board for Educator Certification and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Major Requirements

1.  UIW Core Curriculum (43 hours)

Rhetoric (6 hours)
English Composition I
English Composition II
Literature and the Arts (6 hours)
World Literature Studies
Creativity in the Arts
Philosophy and Religion (9 hours)
Introduction to Philosophy
RELS 1325 Religious Quest
Upper Division Religious Studies
History and Social Sciences (6 hours)
United States to 1865
American Politics
Mathematics and Lab Science (7 hours)
College Algebra
Diversity of Life with Lab
Second Language (6 hours)
Foreign Language I
Foreign Language II
Wellness Development (3 hours)
DWHP 3300 Dim. of Wellness

Community Service (45 non-credit hours)
All students must have documented 45 hours of community service to graduate. See an advisor for further explanation.

2. Interdisciplinary Curriculum (33 hours)

EDSI 2374 Physical Science for Elementary Teachers
EDSI 2375 Earth & Space Science for Elementary Teachers
EDUC 2305 Foundations of Education
EDUC 3330 Social Studies Instruction
EDUC 3325 Child Development and Play
ENGL 3385 Integrated Language Arts
HIST 1322 The United States Since 1865
HIST 2322 Texas History
MATH 2374 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers l
MATH 2375 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers ll
PEHP 3305 Motor Development, Fitness, & Health

Reading Minor (12 hours)

EDUC 3307 Essentials of Literacy Instruction
EDUC 3327 Developing the Fluent Reader
EDUC 3337 Developing the Strategic Reader
EDUC 3347 Differentiating Literacy Instruction

Special Education Sequence (9 hours)

EDUC 2315 Survey of Students in Diverse and Inclusive Settings
EDUC 3343 Teaching Students with Learning Differences 
EDUC 3346 Teaching Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

3. Professional Development Sequence (31 hours)
             TCP Acceptance Required

EDUC 3367 Teaching Children in Kindergarten & EC Settings
EDUC 3373 Learning Theories
EDUC 3375 Teaching Children in Primary Grades
EDUC 3140 Instructional Technology
EDUC 3377 Teaching Children in the Intermediate Grades
EDUC 3379 Instruction & Assessment
EDUC 3385 Culturally Responsive Teaching
EDUC 4905 Teaching Apprenticeship
EDUC 4305 Apprenticeship Seminar

Transfer Policy

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