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BSHS Certifications

Using general electives, students can elect to sit for nationally accredited certifications in four high-demand areas qualifying students for employment in a variety of healthcare settings.

The following table indicates Specialty Curriculum required for the following administrative certification examination(s)

HSCI 3315 Introduction to Administrative Medical Assisting     X  
HSCI 3317 Healthcare Communication X X X  
HSCI 3310 Healthcare Organizations and Administration X X X  
HSCI 2312 Medical Terminology X X X  
HSCI 2315 Medical Coding   X X  
HSCI 2317 Medical Insurance Practice   X X  
HSCI 3340 Third Party Payment Systems   X X  
HSCI 2327 Introduction to the Electronic Health Record X X X  
HSCI 2330 HIPAA Compliance and Certification X X X  
HSCI 2340 Health Information Technology and Systems X      
HSCI 3320 Healthcare Data Management X      
HSCI 3321 Information Systems for the Health Sciences X X    
HSCI 3355 Healthcare Ethics and the Law X X X  
HSCI 3305 Basic Cardiac Rhythm Interpretation      


CEHRS – Electronic Health Record Specialist Certification
CMAA – Medical Administrative Assistant Certification
CBCS – Billing and Coding Specialist Certification

All three certifying exams can be taken at the National Health Career Association website:

In order to check eligibility and process, download the following brochure:

Cost of each exam is $115*


  • Possess a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Successfully complete a training program offered by an accredited or state-recognized institution or provider or successfully complete a formal training program offered by any branch of the U.S. Military.  Candidates can also be eligible based on the completion of at least one year of supervised work experience

CRAT – Certified Rhythm Analysis Technician

The certifying exam can be taken at the Cardiovascular Credentialing International website:

In order to check eligibility and process, download the following brochure:

Cost of the exam is $160*


  • Possess a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Successful completion of a cardiovascular or allied health program as evidenced by a student verification level, or letter from an employer indicating that the candidate worked in the field or did significant volunteer work in the field, or graduate/undergraduate degree in a related field

Please note: Upon successful completion of appropriate courses (see table above), the student must petition the Dean of the School of Applied Sciences for a letter of completion at

*Course costs are subject to change. Please check the certification test provider website for current pricing.

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