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J.E. & L.E. Mabee Library

The Library actively participates in the life of the University. It supports the University’s academic programs with materials, instruction, and technology that advance the intellectual development of its students and the scholarship activities of its faculty. The Library’s collections encourage lifelong learning and reflect differing viewpoints, various cultures, and a global perspective. Materials and services encompass the Catholic social teaching and social justice issues espoused by the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word and the University. The library provides access to electronic databases, journals and eBooks with accessible information for all the degree program work offered through the School of Applied Sciences. In addition to the resources available through UIW, the library also offers access to resources at other libraries within their network.
UIW Mabee Library Resources for Students
UIW Mabee Library Resources for Faculty


Bookstore services at UIW are provided by Follett Higher Education Group. eFollett provides you with access to products and services from our entire network of over 900 brick and mortar college bookstores across the country. And that means that your order could be fulfilled from different places: from your very own virtual or brick-and-mortar campus bookstore, or one of our carefully selected efollett network store partners.
When you select a school on efollett, you're virtually shopping at the bookstore serving that school when you place orders for items such as textbooks, clothing, gifts or supplies. These items are taken right off the shelf for you. Your campus bookstore is always the best source for textbook and merchandise specific to your campus.

Online Writing Center (OWC)

The Online Writing Center (OWC) was created to provide writing assistance to the students in the Extended Academic Programs. In addition to resources regarding writing skills and formatting that you can download from the website, the OWC provides access to writing tutoring. The tutors will answer questions regarding your writing, talk with you about strategies you can use to improve your writing and offer specific help with planning or revising your papers. For more information, take a look at the website.

July 26 Info Session

Attend a free 1-hour Information Session on
Thursday, July 27 at either Noon or 6 p.m. Learn about UIW's degrees and benefits tailored to busy adults.

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Basic EKG Course

This online class will help a student be eligible to take a national certification test upon completion for Cardiac Rhythm Analysis Technician jobs.

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Fall l term starts August 21
Application deadline: August 6

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Health Sciences

Certificates, Associates and Bachelors degrees in the Health Sciences are available for those looking to start or promote themselves in the healthcare field.

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